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What OpenUpper Does

OpenUpper lets you open a whole list of web pages at the same time! Just create a page of links (saved at, then go to that page and open all the links with a single click. No usernames, no passwords, no cost!

Use Tabs

If your browser is not set to open pages opens in new tab, we strongly recommend changing the settings. It is much tidier than creating lots of new windows. Here's how:

For Internet Explorer 8, click the Tools pull-down menu, then select Internet Options, then under Tabs click the Settings button, then under "When a pop-up is encountered" select "Always open pop-ups in a new tab". Finally, save your changes and exit.

For Firefox click the Edit pull-down menu, select Preferences, then Tabs, then checkmark the "Force links that open new windows to open in" line, and finally, select the "a new tab" option. Finally, save your changes and exit.

Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker

If OpenUpper is not opening all your web pages, you may have a pop-up blocker enabled or your browser limits the number of items that can be opened. Try holding down the Ctrl key (Command key for Mac) when you press the open checked button.

Privacy & Good Citizenship

Privacy: There is no privacy. Any page you create is public. It may be hard to find but if someone knows the address, there it is. Citizenship: We reserve the right to remove information for any reason or for no reason at all, but we particularly don't like porn, hate sites and spam.

Your Page Name (e.g. "My Favorite Links")
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  Hold Ctl while clicking (Cmd for Mac) if it does not work.